March 12, 2007

More sad news....Richard Jeni Died

I felt like I knew Richard Jeni cause he was one of my favorite comedians. The guy never failed to crack me up and entertain me. Never saw him live but saw him on The Tonight Show quite often and heard him on KLOS on my drive home from work at least once a month. Apparently he committed suicide. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Comedian Richard Jeni Dead Of Gunshot Wound

A caller told LAPD, "My boyfriend shot himself in the face."

West Hollywood, CA, -- Police say a popular comic appears to have killed himself.

Richard Jeni, a standup comedian who played to sold out crowds, has died of a gunshot wound.

Los Angeles police found the 45 year old performer alive but gravely wounded in a West Hollywood home Saturday morning when they responded to a call from Jeni's girlfriend.

According to LAPD, the caller told police: "My boyfriend shot himself in the face."

Jeni died at a nearby hospital.

Police say suicide has not been officially confirmed and the investigation is continuing.

Jeni regularly toured the country with a standup act and had starred in several HBO comedy specials, most recently "A Big Steaming Pile of Me." He also appeared on the "Tonight Show" and in movies like "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey.


Mike said...

I always found him funny also. I never understand what could push someone to take their own life.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

And then Sinbad... WTF?

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