March 29, 2007

powerful music

I know mostly guys read this blog, but I am still going to ask this question – are there any songs that make overwhelm you with emotion? Maybe it’s a song that reminds you of a long lost love…or a recent love lost. Maybe a memory of a great concert – or of an entire decade of your life. So many songs bring me back to the past, and just as many touch me in the present. Sometimes hearing a song will make me cry, or want to dance, or want to get in the care and drive…or even crave a cigarette (even though I don’t smoke).

My song of the moment:


Bruce said...

I have a laundry list of songs that either make me blubber like a baby or think back on what could've been, had circumstances been different. Just to name a few..
Dust in the Wind
Life by the Drop(the last song on Stevie Ray's last album)
Nobody's Hero(Rush)
Man I'll Never Be(Boston)
Angel's Son(Strait Up/Sevendust)
Jet City Woman(Queensryche)-a lost love
Open Arms(Journey)- another love lost
Broken Wings(Mr. Mister)

Perplexio said...

The one song that still gets to me is John Wetton's (Asia, ex-King Crimson) Hold Me Now. It's the ultimate song of unrequited love. He sings it with an unbridled passion. The lyrics are filled with so much hurt and despair that coupled with Wetton's passionate delivery I can't help but feel every word:

Here ends another day
My emotions locked away
And my darkness is complete
As the midnight sky
You steal my confidence
My smile is my defense
And I turn my face so you won't see me cry

How can you be so cold and so out of control
As you pour salt into my deepest cut of all
My shattered heart, in pieces now and I'm gazing at the fragments of my life

Hold me now, maybe just pretend
I could be someone that you might have loved before
Hold me now, and let me believe in a kiss that means nothing to you
but it means the world to me

Lord above, you sanctify your love
But the barriers you built forces you not to care
Break down that door, take my hand if nothing more
So when I'm falling then, I know that someone's there

I've wondered a thousand times if I could love again
But I can't overcome what I can't comprehend
The honesty I offer you is as naked as your fear of loving me

Hold me now, maybe just pretend
I could be someone that you might have loved before
Hold me now, and let me believe in a kiss that means nothing to you
But means the world to me

The first time I ever heard the song it brought tears to my eyes, even now whenever I hear it I get chills. It's not just the lyrics, it's Wetton's vocal delivery that just plain floors me! Wetton has said that the song was written for his mother which makes it even more heartbreaking. I don't know if it's about his relationship with his mother or if its about his mother's relationship with his father. He's a rather private man and he's never really told the story behind it.

Bruce said...

There's another song(can't remember the name off-hand) by a guy named Josh Groban that my sister picked to be played at my mother's funeral. I hate it, and on the rare occasion that I do hear it, I turn it off immediately.

Jwonderboy said...

Great post Layla. This really speaks to the power of music.

The first one that came to me is "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. Tears of Joy on this one.

Being a guitar lover, I have listened to a lot of Chet Atkins over the years. There is a song that he did called "I Still Can't Say Goodbye" that is about his dad that I can't get through that one without losing it. Look it's heartfelt writing. Even thinking about this song brings back the emotion of missing my own dad.

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