May 13, 2005


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Is Prince Classic Rock and Roll? No...but he's in a class all his own and is a musical genius. Not everyone has that opinion and it took quite a while for him to gain recognition and be taken seriously. Here's a story from "back in my day" when he was booed off the stage...

It was '82 (acutally I am fuzzy on the exact year) and the Stones were doing an all day outdoor gig with other bands such as George Thourogood, and J Geils, etc.

But the first act to come on was a total UNKNOWN. Here comes this skinny black dude in a really funky outfit and people started throwing trash at him:

During this period, Prince began to attract attention for the clothes he wore onstage. He wore high-heeled shoes and boots and tended to flaunt and express an intense sexuality onstage in addition to in his music, using symbols associated with transgenderism and as a result, people began questioning his sexual orientation. His stylistic choices brought him trouble as an opening act for The Rolling Stones' two Los Angeles Coliseum shows in 1981, where he was infamously pelted with garbage while wearing bikini briefs, leg warmers, high-heeled boots, and a trench coat, in addition to being booed off the stage for his wardrobe.

I felt sorry for him. The small amount of music he was able to play while he endured the critical masses sounded good. Little did we know he'd be the headlining band within a few years.

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POLAARIS said...

I agree 100%, Prince is a musical genious. Everything he does is origional. He even writes songs for other artists and some of the songs that he's recorded have been recorded by other artists.

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