May 26, 2005

Keith, Carl and Greg...

ELP was one of the very first PROGRESSIVE ROCK BANDS.

My memories of them include one of the most incredible concerts I have ever witnessed. It was as if a whole symphony had combined with a rock band to produce this incredible sound...

BUT, it was only THREE GUYS!

Keith Emerson is one of the most innovative and talented keyboardists ever. He was one of the first players to make the Moog synthesizer well-known.

Carl Palmer was a "drum wizards" His drum kit cost $25,000 to put together and that was back in 1970! It had every percussion instrument you can think of.

Greg Lake not only played bass and guitar, but his voice was one of the sexiest, most mellow voices in rock...some people called it "angelic".

Layla's Recipe for listening to ELP:

1. Get comfortable and put your feet up

2. Put on a high-quality head set

3. Listen to the following three songs four times each:

From the Beginning

Lucky Man

Still- You Turn Me On

4. The first time through listen to the guitar/bass, the second time listen to the drums/percussion, the third time listen to the keyboards/synthesizer and finally on the fourth time: put it all together and let Greg's vocals and their lyrics carry you away....

This is a guarantee. If it doesn't happen for you, let me know, we'll figure out if those three songs need to be replaced by one of their others for your personal and complete musical satisfaction.


Rick said...

oooo, what a lucky man...

Sam said...

ELP is one of the best bands to come from the 70's period.

Anonymous said...

ELP for me is: as you described but with:

> Tarkus

> Pictures At an Exhibition

>Brain Salad Surgery

If your not seduced by Greg's chior boy vocals, Keith's Keyboard showmanship, and Carl's amazing drumming at this point I'm not sure what we can do for you.

Additional trivia:

> Keith once pushed to have Jimi Hendrix audition for the band.
>Carl's gold plated drum kit for the Brain Salad Surgery Tour was so heavy it was feared it would collapse the stage!

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