May 25, 2005

Pink Floyd

dark side of the moon Posted by Hello

That's that I think off when I think of Pink Floyd. I love David Gilmore, I loved their music (don't listen much anymore). Pink Floyd took me to another dimension, literally. May 1977, Anaheim Stadium, The Animals Tour, red wine, LSD, lying on the grass, watching the huge inflated animals floating overhead, listening to Comfortably Numb and Wish you Were Here, Jon, Kathy, Scott, Frans. I never wanted that concert to end.
Note to the person who posted here earlier: Pink Floyd is still a great band, but drugs are NOT. I hope that this post did seem that I am condoning the use of them, because I pray every day that my son will never do drugs. I am just relating a story of a night I will never forget.


Regi McInfly said...


brianbroedell said...

wish i could experience one of floyds concerts.

John & Steph said...

I was there, on the grass too, the concert of a lifetime! Still have my ticket stub.

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