May 30, 2005

Live Aid

BBC NEWS Entertainment Music Live Aid II 'set for Hyde Park'

Where were you for the historical rock and roll event of the century (not counting Woodstock) ???

You must click this link and re-live the wonder of that day!

I will never forgot that day. It was a hot afternoon and my sister and had to watch the entire thing broadcast live but we didn't want to sit in the house all day. So we had a brilliant plan. We got an extension cord and pulled the TV set out to the edge of the sliding glass doors and then plugged in fans and sat in lounge chairs, sunning, drinking beer and watching the show. My highlights were Robert, Jimmy and John Paul re-uniting with Jason Bonham on drums, David Bowie and Mick Jagger via video, Power Station and .... well every moment was outstanding. It gives me chills. That's it, I'm headed for the store to buy my copy!



Anonymous said...

Me and me mates partied and ketp waiting for Bruce SPRINGSTEEN but we got this gay faggot Rick SPringfiend instead - what was that all about>

Layla said...

I understand what a let down that must have been. I went to an all day concert at the Rose Bowl called "Peace Sunday" and the rumor was that Bruce would show up at the end....he never did. But it was a great concert! I think I'll post about it sometime.


Merman said...

That was a long time ago! My wife and I watched it together, we were still dating. She went crazy over some of it. I think I was stoned. WhHat would that cost today? Could make a lot of money on a concert like that.

Sam said...

It brought Zeppelin and Sabbath back together so it can't be all that bad.

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