August 6, 2009

Steven Tyler Takes a Dive

"Fans rocking to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler could have shouted a simple warning: Hey, don't walk this way!
Instead the 61-year-old music legend fell from a concert stage at South Dakota's famed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
Tyler was flown to a hospital with minor injuries early Thursday and treated for minor head, neck and shoulders injuries.
"You could kind of see it coming because he was dancing all over the stage," said Lance Yellow Robe, who was eight feet from the stage when Tyler toppled shortly after midnight."

Read more here.

These old rockers need to be careful!  I hope he makes a full recovery and is able to get back on stage  again soon.  Ouch.


Jessica said...

I know, so upset when I heard this. :( He was pretty sick when I saw them last month, so I was relieved that it was just a miss step.

rock and roll history said...

All the drugs back in the day must have left him permanently stoned.
Poor bastard.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Jess, me too. Those guys have endured a lot of physical hardships lately.

R&R, Nah, he's been clean for a long, long time. I hate to say it but when you get to be a certain age...maybe you ought to spin around a little less.

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