August 16, 2009

The "project" I've Been Working On

I've been working really hard to update my blog, Gone But Not Forgotten. Here's  what is new and improved:

The banner, which is awesome, was done by Gary Means:


  • I've added about 15 new names (with another 20 still on the list
  • I've written a personal thought for every person
  • Each name is now hyper-linked to Wikipedia
  • There is a link under most people with a song that leads to lyrics, video, photos, bio and other info
  • There are youtube videos included with some of the most memorable performances
But the most IMPORTANT part of the site is what YOU add. Your comments, memories, opinions, input are what make it personal and meaningful. I hope you'll stop by and add a thought or two under some of your favorite musicians.

Please, please let me know if I have left someone out. And please link to me on your blog if you don't mind.

I've been in contact with several family members and friends of the some of the musicians and will let you know as they add their comments.

Let's keep the memories of these special people alive....

One final word:

Many of you know that my 18 yr. old son is a heroin addict. One of my missions in life is to shed light on how widespread and life threatening this problem is. Its very prevalent among young males and - musicians. If you glance at the sidebar of GBNF you will see how many lives we've lost....and that's of famous musicians. Its happening daily everywhere to kids like mine, like yours. Something has to be done, but I have no idea what other than getting our government to give more of a shit about illegal drugs entering our country.


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Looks awesome! Off the top of my head, Michael Hedges is one I would add.

Bruce Ramsi said...

Keep it up and keep the blog updated, although it can consume time. Well done.


Bond said...

I LOVE the new banner...if I had designed it Duane would have been on it...but I didn't so...LOL

I pray your son finds peace and can find a way to fight his addiction...HUGS to you

Sean Coleman said...

The banner is excellent. I will be sure to take some more time to further explore the site, but it looks great. The support that you are providing to your son will greatly strengthen his chances for a complete recovery. Best to you both.

drewzepmeister said...

Barbara, I think you've done a great job on this blog! My prayers are always with you and Keven.

Dan said...

Love the detail of the redesigned blog. You add a distinctive touch of personality to the individual write-ups on each person. Keep up the good work with your son. He will hopefully one day take care of you. My prayers are with you.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thank you all very much for you support and kind words. Its an emotional project to me, and its kind of humbling in a way to think I have anything of note to say about such important, special musicians. But I believe some of their music should be around forever and even those that are lesser known are still loved, missed and deserve recognition for their work.

Perplexio said...

If you need any assistance or any additional info for any of the people I've recommended that you're yet to add, please let me know!

Perplexio said...

Actually I just thought of one more-- he wasn't necessarily rock and roll though-- Bobby Darin.

Bobby Darin (born Walden Robert Casotto)May 14, 1936-December 20, 1973) (Blood Poisoning)

In addition to his own hits (Mack the Knife, Splish Splash, and Beyond the Sea) Darin also wrote Danke Schoen for Wayne Newton. He also acted in a handful of films and was even nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor in Captain Newman M.D.. Darin also mentored Roger McGuinn who later went on to achieve success as a member of The Byrds.

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