May 4, 2009

Must Read Interviews for Floyd Fans

Isorski's Musings has a great post on some interviews with David Gilmore and Roger Waters done back in 2000. Here's a teaser, you can read the rest by checking out his site.

Now really. I thought I knew all there was to know about Floyd and its internal strife and the break with Roger Waters after The Final Cut. But in the interviews with Waters and especially Gilmour, I learned a lot. For example, the two were not really fighting during the recording of The Wall except for a couple of artistic arguments. It was really during the filming of the movie that things got bad.


Bond said...

Interesting about Wright...never had heard that before. I guess he and Gilmour made up eventually since Wright was on his last tour.

Sean Coleman said...

Those interviews were good but both of them, quite diplomatically, avoided the worst of what happened in the aftermath of Waters' departure. It is a miracle that all four did that set at Live 8. Thanks for putting up the link!

Isorski said...

Thanks for the props, Layla. Yeah, Wright got his act together in time to be hired on for the Momentary Lapse album and tour. By the 90s he was totaally back in form and wrote lots of material for The Division Bell. But check out his work on Gilmour's recent live CD/DVD and you'll see we lost a real talent when Wright passed away. He is a big part of Gilmour's recent output.

The Mad Hatter said...

I love reading anything about Pink Floyd.

Best. Band. Ever.

Thanks Barbara and thanks Isorski.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

I had heard that Gilmour and Wright had someone put their differences aside.

I just wonder how much "greater" Pink Floyd might have been if Waters had never left.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Bond, that's the great thing about people sharing info - we learn so much. I knew others would like the links Isorski shared.

Sean, that Live 8 moment gave me the chills.

Isorski, Hey anytime! Thank YOU.

Hatter, Yes, no one comes close to Pink Floyd in so many ways. I think their music is in my veins.

SiS (I like that, calling you sis, even though you're a guy!) I wonder too what it would have been like if Roger stuck around, wow.

Dan said...

Pink Floyd are GOD!

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