May 17, 2009

Counter-Clock Records

My vinyl loving friends will be especially interested in this! 

I recently met Jane Geddis, another female that loves rock music right here in Orange County!  She and her husband, Norm,  are owners of Counter Clock Records.  I have to say her music tastes range far wider and more obscure than mine - you must check them out to see for yourself!

A bio snippet from one of their sites:

Norm has been collecting records since he got kicked out of a record store in 1978 for trying to order "Black Market Clash".  Jane met him at a Grateful Dead concert in 1985 and for some reason they woke up some mornings later to the sound of gunfire at a camp ground 200 miles from home.  The militia consisted of  a very friendly bunch who fed Norm and Jane breakfast.

More than twenty years later Norm and Jane find themselves the proprietors of Counter-Clock Records and have decided to unleash their humour, knowledge and strange music collection on the world with their radio show, Accidental Nostalgia.

They also have a weekly radio show called Accidental Nostalgia that airs Thursdays at 7pm.

You can find their blog and radio show linked HERE.

And of course, check out their record store which lives HERE on eBay.


Starrlight said...

LOL...what's wrong with the Clash?!?! That has Pressure Drop on it! He was better off tossed out =)

Sean Coleman said...

They have a lot of excellent stuff for sale. Great selection of 45s.

Jane said...

--Absolutely nuthin's wrong with The Clash! The Record store guy was an a**wipe. Norm's still bitter.
- Jane

Starrlight said...

Damn tootin, Jane!

Wanna hear funny? My ex husband informed our daughter that the Clash were not punk because they were too "melodic."

Her head nearly launched off her shoulders she was so miffed. Apparently it was a pretty good throw down arguement over that!

Jane said...

Too funny! Sounds like your daughter Knows where it's at. Your Ex, not so much.

Jane said...

@Sean Coleman,
Thanks for the shout-out Sean!
We do appreciate it.

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