May 13, 2009

Back Door Slam - Live From Bonnaroo

It's no secret that my favorite NEW BAND from last year was "Back Door Slam". Sadly they dispersed after one recording together, but lucky for their fans there is a new CD out of their performance at the Bonnaroo in '08. There are some great songs on the new CD, I highly recommend it and have a copy to give away. I will do a drawing of names on Sunday the 17th to let you know who wins, so if you'd like it leave your name in the comments.

Outside Woman Blues (Live Version)

Heavy On My Mind (Live Version)

Gotta Leave (Live Version)

Riding With The King (Live Version)

Almost Cut My Hair (Live Version)

Come Home (Live Version)

Back Door Slam (Live Version)

It'll All Come Around (Live Version)

Redhouse (Live Version)

Been Down So Long (Live Version)


Charlie said...

I saw BDS live at an outdoor festival last summer and they could definitely hang with the best power trios ever.

Starrlight said...

Short lived bands kinda break my heart like that. New Radicals spring to mind.

rock_of_ages said...

Hey Barbara - I've heard great things about this band yet never actually heard anything by them... please enter me in the draw!

Mike said...

Its not like they are finished. They just replaced 2/3's of the band. Davey is still keeping the name and will be touring as Davey Knowles and Back Door Slam. New CD coming out soon! Produced by Peter Frampton.

I downloaded the CD from Itunes and also the EP ( get that also!) and its a great addition to the studio recordings.

Got to sit about 4 feet away from the lads for 2 nights when they opened for Gov't Mule. Mr. Knowles has a big future ahead of him!

Dr. Deb said...

Coming here definitely keeps my "cool" status from bottoming out. I will check this band out.

Thevan said...

oooh! ooh! me! me!

rockandrollguru said...

I saw Davey open for Jeff Beck a couple weeks ago, and he's opening for Buddy Guy at Summerfest.

Got to spend a few minutes with him at the Beck show, and he is one of the nicest kids you'll ever meet.

LazyKing said...

Sounds like a good band. I hope they survive the music industry and release more songs

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Since there were only two people (that I can tell from the comments) that tried to win this....I flipped a coin.

And the winner:

Rock of Ages (sorry Thevan!!)

Guitarman5150 said...

These guys don't sound bad Barbra but I prefer Outside Woman Blues from Cream and Riding With The King from Eric Clapton and BB King.

I guess I'm too much of a Clapton fan for my own good.

Guitarman5150 said...

And how can I forget Red House?? How can you mess with Hendrix?????? Not sure how that's done in good concince.

rock_of_ages said...

Cool - thanks Barbara - looking forward to hearing this a lot.

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