March 31, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

I heard about this over at Matt's blog, Addicted to Vinyl.

It reminds me of when Eddie Van Halen had his son Wolfgang (only 15 years old at the time!) play bass on their last tour. Very cool.

Now Mighty Max's son, Jay, will be replacing him as the E-Street drummer on several dates that Max is unable to make. Jay is only 18! He must be damn good cause his dad is not an easy act to follow. I kinda wish he was playing the night I'm going, that would fun!

Kind of reminds me of Jason Bonham playing with Zeppelin for their reunion concert.
Here's how the change was made uptown and Jay Weinberg joined the band -- at least for "six or seven shows of the European tour," according to Andy Greene at

Last December E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg was driving his 18-year-old son Jay to school in Hoboken, New Jersey, when Bruce Springsteen called. "He wanted to talk to Jay," says Max. "He said to him, 'Jay, this is Bruce. You may have heard I have a band. In that band I have the world's greatest drummer, who has a scheduling conflict. He gave me your name and number and suggested that I call you to see if you’d be interested in playing with me and the E Street Band.' " Jay accepted."
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Bond said...

I wondered how they would make it all work...excellent choice

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Bond, I agree!

musicobsessive said...

Now that rock is blundering into middle-age there's quite a lot of this generational stuff going on. Jim Rodford (ex-Argent and now Zombies bassist) has a drummer son, Steven, who played with the Zombies on their last reunion tour. Not to mention Zak Starkey playing with the Who and so on. Looks like the new generation are taking over!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Obsessive - I think most of the rockers I like are blundering OUT of middle age into OLD age :) Bruce will be 60 on 9/23!

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