March 27, 2009

I'm not the type to say "I told you so" or "I was right!". Sometimes I think it and someone can read it on my face, but I just can't say the words.

But since you can't see my face, I have to tell you: I was right! About a year ago I posted about a new radio station that started up in my area and said I was in love with it.

The comments left were along the lines of "don't get your hopes up, they all start out good then go downhill from there."

I am happy to say that The Sound LA has gone above and BEYOND my expectations! They play the perfect mix of both old and new music. They play deep tracks that the other popular stations around here would not touch. They have very little advertising and the DJs are not annoying or arrogant, they talk about The Music.

They have several weekly features that I look forward to (makes my dat at work survivable). For example, right not I am listening to "Ten at 10:00". Each day they play ten songs from the same year, today's year is the year that The Beatles had their last studio session: 1970

They also have host live events in their studio, an artist will come in every now and then and do a mini-concert on the air (yesterday was the Bacon Brothers).

One other feature that I love is "My Turn" where they invite musicians to be a DJ for an hour or so and play whatever they want. Its sometimes suprising and always interesting to hear what songs are selected. Some of the guests they've had on are BB King, Noel Gallager, Tom Morello, The Pretenders, Brian Wilson, Gavin Rossdale and O.A.R.

Anyhow, just wanted to tell you all about it in case you feel like checking them out online. Classic Rock rocks, but you know the saying: Man can not live on bread alone? Well I can't live on classic rock alone - I dig the new stuff too :)

(as I end this post they are playing a song by Drew's favorite band...."The Immigrant Song")


Dan said...

I think I started reading your blogs about a year ago because I am pretty sure that is when I told you about a station in Chicago (WDRV)I listen to that seems to mostly fit what I am looking for. They do tend to play the same songs at times but they also do a lot of deep tracks. They also have a separate internet only station that plays nothing but deep tracks. The only thing they dont do is play much current stuff. It is what I like and I am glad you have something that makes your day go by well. In this internet age there is nothing outside our reach.

drewzepmeister said...

Thanks Barb! I'm blushing:)

This sounds like the radio station I'm looking for! Is it available online? I hope so.

Dan-I do listen to WDRV from time to time. (I'm from Racine) And yes, they do play some of same stuff over and over. I like hearing the deep cuts. I'll have to check out the online version. Thanks!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Dan, thanks for reading here consistently. You are right about the internet age - I think my life is richer in SO MANY ways because of it.

Drew, I'm glad you like the station, thanks for checking it out :)

Starrlight said...

My station continues to make me happy. The DJ's are awesome and they play, basically, my entire cd collection =) And I can stream them at work!

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