July 13, 2008

Your Own Radio Show....

Radio StationImage via Wikipedia...its your first day on the air for your brand new radio show, what do you name it and what is in the first set of songs you play?

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Dan said...

Interesting question. There are so many good songs. I tend to like to listen to the whole album and not just one song. A local station here has album sides days where they play nothing but that. I really enjoy listening on those days.

I would call it "Choose Your Album". My first few choices would be:
1. The Beatles, Revolver, Side 1
2. Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti, Side 2
3. Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here, Side 1
4. The Zombies, Odessey & Oracle, Side 1
5. Eric Clapton, 461 Ocean Boulevard, Side 2
6. John Mayall, The Turning Point, Side 2

Just a start, but hey, if it is my show I can do what I want, right?

musicobsessive said...

Hey Dan! Is it just you and me that appreciates the Zombies' O&O? I'd probably put side 2 in as well! At the very least 'Beechwood park' ought to be on the list.

Dan said...

Really an album that does not get enough accolades. I just saw them at Summerfest in Milwaukee. They were very, very good. Played all the old favorites and some of Blunstones and Argents solo stuff. Colin still can sing and Rod is still a good organist. They really were ahead of their time. The songs still sound as fresh today as then.

David Amulet said...

Show: "Album Tracks," focusing on the lesser-known but excellent tracks on classic rock albums.

I'd be tempted to start with "Firth of Fifth" by Genesis, but I could also see myself doing "Hymn 43" by Jethro Tull to kick it off.

Jeff said...

I'd call it... Imagine Echoes! Since I can't think of anything else. I'd probably play a mix of classic and modern rock, some which is already heard a lot on the radio and some songs which tend not to be played due to either length or popularity. For my first song, I guess it would only be right for me to play John Lennon "Imagine" followed by Pink Floyd's "Echoes". Probably right after that I would follow it up with my favorite song, King Crimson's "Epitaph".

paul said...

Great post, I do have onne called rock revival (duh)l hey barbara why dont you do one, its pretty easy via community radio; over here its only five days training, a demo tape and your off

my other ideas were

The Third Ear (wierd and wacky rock, eg zappa, beefheart, amon duul, electric wizard, tiny tim)

Rock History 101: One year of 50 shows each loking at a period in rock 1950 to now

Genre-Bending: playing tracks that cross the genres, like Matisyahu, fusion, nu-metal, country rock

Forgotten Trax:

we went with Rock Revival for the sake of the audience but we still dont play radio fodder, maybe semi-forgotten tracks with better known ones thrown in plus new releases every now and then, This Day in Rock, Classic Albums, Gig Guide; occasionally we dedicate a whole show to one artist or genre; if you lived down under barbara no guessing who i would ask you to do

Traci said...

Hello, Gorgeous! ;)
My radio show would be a theme show. Every day a different theme, kind of like what Bob Dylan does on XM. Two hours of songs about rain, or baseball or downtowns or...gravy! Whatever strikes my fancy.

bob_vinyl said...

I'd call it "My War" (because it would be like my war on the mainstream) and kick it off with Black Flag's "My War" (of course). From there:

Minor Threat - "Minor Threat"
The Clash - "Somebody Got Murdered"
Stiff Little Fingers - "Breakout"
Hot Water Music - "Rock Singer"
Angelic Upstarts - "Leave Me Alone"
The Ruts - "SUS"
Take It Back - "All That Keeps Us Strong"
Cro-Mags - "Malfunction"
Minutemen - "History Lesson Part 2"
New Model Army - "51st State"
MDC - "Corporate Deathburger"

by this point, I probably need to use the facilities so...

Mars Volta - "Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus"

Then, the FCC comes and shuts me down

Bond said...

From Paul's comment, I went and googled "Community Radio, Memphis" and actually found a station looking for someone to do some shows...the only one that would fit my schedule is Sunday's from 2pm - 4pm...might look into it.

I always wanted to do something called "Vinally Friday" where it would be music from my vinyl collection...pops and click included!

1) Water Song - Hot Tuna
2) Angry Eyes - Loggins and Messina
3) Crazy Eyes - Poco
4) Can't You See - Marshall Tucker
5) Peaches & Regalia - Zappa

Bruce said...

It'd be called "It's My Damn Show!", and I would play whatever I was in the mood for that day; rock, metal, jazz, guilty pleasure songs, whatever. I wouldn't have a set list of songs to play every day. That reeks too much of corporate radio.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wow - you are all so creative!!! I have to admit the title of Bruce's show had me LOL!

Paul, wow do you really think I could have a radio show? I could call it "Layla's Classic Rock Faves"

The Mad Hatter said...

Holy Belgian waffles Batman! I love O&O. I'd play the whole thing twice over. Man, I might have to review that now.

Um, I'd call my show "Dirty Kaleidoscope."

Dan said...

Hey Mad,

I play it all the time. I risk the chance of, uhhh, ever getting sick of it. Fat chance. Really cool tunes in my book!

paul said...

Barbara you should do it, i'll bet if you called your local community station they would say yes, there is normally a shortage; its the best fun i have had, we get taxi drivers calling us about Yes, local businessmen calling us about how much they love country rock, we have lots of cover bands on (Van the Man, Creedence and Beyond); you can play anything you want, make heaps of mistakes, learn as you go....c'mon, do it

Bond said...

Barbara: I filled out the application for our local Community Radio Station yesterday and will be burning a CD for them to hear.

It is also on the internet, so the reach will be worldwide...

And I have decided to name it Big Leather Couch Tuneage

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hey how cool is it that we have inspired Bond to get a radio show...and possibly me! I will put it on my list of things to consider doing. I have never even thought of it before! It would be a huge step out of my comfort zone but that's what life's about, right?

Bond said...

Well I did radio for a number of years in the 70's-80's and was a party DJ for most of the 90's...

This just got me off my butt to get back into it

The RIpple Effect said...

That's an easy one, since we just did our first radio show this week. It'll be up and posted on the Ripple Effect soon (have to do a few quick edits).

What did we call it? The Ripple Effect.

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