July 16, 2008

Musical Ice Cream?

I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and they love Elton John so they made a flavor just for him:

So, help me think of some other ice cream flavor songs....I know you are all very creative and will come up with some great stuff! Here's a few if B&J's decide to make flavors for Bruce:

"Darkness on the Fudge of Town" Bruce
"Thunder Rocky Road"
"Girls in Their Summer Chocolate"
"Cherry Darling"


paul said...

Vanilla Fudge (psychedelic band 60's too obvious ?)

Blackberry Way (song by the Move)

Strawberries Forever

Cinnammon Twirl (ie: Neil Young)

Hot Tuna (uh, gross)

Carlos Sultana

Disraeli Cream

Black Label Surprise

paul said...
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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I love Vanilla and Fudge...but I will pass on the Hot Tuna and the Black Label Surprise.....

bob_vinyl said...

There probably aren't any Misfits/Samhain/Danzig fans, but a friend and I used to joke that Glenn Danzig would create an ice cream line with flavors like Unholy Passionfruit and Lucifudge.

David Amulet said...

More Bruce flavors:

"Tenth Avenue Frosty-Freeze Out"
"Human Touch (of Fudge)"
"57 Flavors"

Bond said...

Sugar Magnolia Swirl

In Memory of Elizabeth Raspberry


See, I saw the Hot Tuna and thought it could be a swirl of Chocolate and caramel (chocolate for Jack...he is wonderfully basic and caramel for Jorma since he is so smooth) and a packet of Hot Fudge Sauce you can microwave and pour on top

Starrlight said...

Hah! Bob that was awesome. Except I now have "Mother" on the brain :P

Jeff said...

My local Ice Cream parlor has flavors called "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Sticky Fingers"

WeightStaff said...

I stuck with the Bruce theme. Had fun with this:

Because The Nut

Born to Rum

Devils Food and Dust

Land of Hope and Creamsicle


hopefaithbelieve said...

Can't wait to try this. What a great idea...two of my favorites together; Elton John & Ice cream!

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