July 19, 2008

AC/DC and Walmart?

The first single from AC/DC's new studio album will be "Runaway
Train." Tentatively- titled Black Ice, the disc is due out on Oct.
28th in North America via an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart.

Well I hope I am offered an advance copy to review. I haven't been a huge fan of them since back in the early days but it will be interesting to see what they come up with for this new album.

Speaking of reviews...I got John Melencamps new one in the mail yesterday and will be giving it a listen today. He's another one that I haven't really paid much attention to in recent years but so far this new recording has gotten some good reviews.

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bob_vinyl said...

As I understand it, this will AC/DC's last album. I can't wait! (Not for the album, but for them to be done).

I got the new Mellencamp too. It's good. He soooo likes your buddy Bruce, but in his own Midwestern way.

Starrlight said...

I LOVE Mellencamp =)

And I love ACDC too. Saw them in concert and the gigantic inflatable doll they float over the audience during Whole Lotta Rosie is memorable !

David Amulet said...

AC/DC's last album? Right, just like every Eagles tour is the band's last one ...

I refuse to buy this album from Wal Mart. I can think of only a few bands that I would buy albums from if I had to do it from Wal Mart, and even the mighty AC/DC doesn't make the cut.

Jessica said...

lol @Bob

I like AC/DC...but I'm getting sick of Wal Mart making exclusive deals!

I don't think I'll be buying it from them...maybe used when someone sells it.

Rick said...

Lets see... 30 mile drive to the nearest Walmart. 20 minutes dealing with parking and walking to the store. 30 minutes trying to find the music section. 45 minutes trying to get out checked because the cashier is unfortunately poor and uneducated and probably barely speaks English even if she was born here. Then we reverse it.

Or I could wait until it's at the New&Used music store two blocks away. Or if I'm REALLY lazy, just download it and not pay for it.

The album won't be worth my time for the first option, and I have doubts it'll be worth the second two options.

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