September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bruce

This is insane! This is why I love him so much. Happy 58th!

Hearing this song, "Trapped", live back in '85 was un-f'ing real.

I can't wait to see him next month on October 29th!


Malcolm: said...

Do you have any idea when and where the footage for the 1st You Tube clip was shot? I haven't heard "Trapped" in years! I remember it from its inclusion on the "USA For Africa" album way back in 1985.

Happy b-day Bruce!

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Malcolm, It didn't say where footage was taken just that it was spontaneous and very rare (no kidding!). My guess is that was Atlantic City. I noticed a poster of Robert Palmer in the background. By the styles of the hair, etc. I'd say it was late 80's (but then again I don't know what fashion is like on the East Coast).

David Amulet said...

"trapped" is one of his most underrated songs (at least among non-fans). Great tune.

-- david

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