September 16, 2007

Album Cover Quiz

Found some quizzes that ask you to click and drag the album cover into the correct order (by release date). Take your pick or do them all (there are even more on the site this directs you to!)

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones


Bob Dylan



Malcolm: said...

Fun stuff. I took quite a bit of the quizzes. I did the best on The Police quiz and the worst on the R.E.M. one. I was surprised how well I did on the U2 one.

The Knitter said...

The Stones Quiz was a doddle ... for me ... but I can't understand or explain how well I did on the Beatles Quiz !!!

Jeff said...

The live albums threw me off in these quizzes, I wish they would have put all of The Beatles albums in there though.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Maclcolm, AHA! are you a U2 fan! If not, I will convert you :)

Hi Knitter, Good for you and thanks for stopping by.

Jeff, I noticed there were some missing and that is really weird. I think the only artist I could get 100% on would be Bruce.

Malcolm: said...

Hi Barbara: Although I don't dislike U2, I am not a huge fan. My two favorite songs by them are New Year's Day and I Will Follow. I am not too familiar with their work post "Achtung Baby". What would you recommend?

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