September 24, 2007

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I received two CDs to review today and have already come to a conclusion:

Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970
Rating: ** out of *****

I suppose there are songs on it that would appeal to fans of that era, but personally, I have no need for yet another compilation CD from any band. Enough is enough. If we like the music we already own it (imo).

The Bee Gees - "Greatest"
Rating: *** out of *****

Ok, so I just said above I had no need for another compilation CD, but this is the first time in my life I have actually LISTENED to The Bee Gees and I'm a bit surprised at how much I like them (if only Barry's voice were a few octaves lower....)

I am familiar with all their hits (like it or not I think most people are). BUT there were some songs on here I'd never heard before that were very enjoyable. Plus you can never hear Stayin Alive too many times! Come on seriously, you have to like that song! John Travolta dancing in a white suit - what more needs to be said? (back me up here, Becky!)

News taken from Martin's Weekly "80's Nut Newsletter"

Lenny Kravitz has been finishing work on his eighth studio album, It's Time For A Love Revolution, due out Feb. 8th. Kravitz is also expected to perform two songs during NBC's New Years Eve with Carson Daly.

2. Rik Emmett of Triumph and Michael Shotton have signed a recording deal
with Escape Music Ltd. for their project Airtime. Their new album will be titled Liberty Manifesto when released on Nov. 19th.

(if anyone can guess what Rik Emmett and Lenny Kravitz have in common I will post a pic of myself dressed in a tiger print lyrca outfit with a David-Lee Roth hair-do and David Bowie boots from 1982)


Bruce said...

I'm going to say that they both did covers of All Along the Watchtower(along with about 8,000 other artists).

bob_vinyl said...

I also reviewed Love is the Song We Sing, but I liked it, because while it did offer several tracks from bands we all know, most of the box dug deeper and found third and fourth tier bands that most people who weren't there haven't heard. I wouldn't call it essential, but Rhino did an above average job in compiling this one.

Lenny Kravitz and Rik Emmitt are both listed in the music section of Kelico's Myspace page.

Malcolm: said...

I have been a fan of The Bee Gees ever since I heard "Jive Talkin" for the first time. Although I like their late 60s early 70s work (Massachusetts, Words, Spicks and Specks, etc.), I give the edge to their post-1974 output. One of my favorite songs by them is "You Win Again" from 1987.

BeckEye said...

Anything that puts visions of Travolta in your head can't be all bad. That's what I always say.

But really, an 18-wheeler can put visions of Travolta in my head. He's usually always there. :)

TarBabyJim said...

Nice Blog. I'll be back.
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Jeff said...

My friend always tells me to listen to the Bee Gees because their earlier stuff sounds like The Beatles but it's tough for me to make the leap into a band that recorded a number of disco hits.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

well no one got the answer so I will put my 80's photos back in the closet where they belong.

Boris said...

I've had the Bee Gees as a favourite guilty pleasure for years. Mostly their 70's stuff.

But after hearing the BEE GEES – THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1967 – 1968 i got to appreciate them even more.

Sure there are some duffs in there but overall i'd say they're really talented songwriters.

And personally i don't think you can go wrong with such falseto ;)

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