November 8, 2006

Doors Celebration - My personal musings

I live about 50 miles south of Los Angeles. It's kind of cool to know that some Rock n Roll history was made so close to home. Lots of bands are from LA, but The Doors are by far the best known.

In honor of their 40th Anniversary, our local Classic Rock station, KLOS, is hosting several events starting this evening. Its tempting to head up there just to be part of the excitement, feel the energy of the crowd, rub shoulders with young and old Doors fans. But - I don't have anyone to go with that would enjoy it.

On second thought, as I reviewed the the link to KLOS and was checking out what Ray, Robbie and John would be doing (they are each at a separate significant location where The Doors once performed) I asked myself if Jim would show up to this event if he were still around.

The website says "Jim Morrison will be omnipresent in spirit" and I thought to myself "would he want to be?" Or would he view this as a bunch of hype to sell their new CD set and make them some money (like they need more). What is the real purpose of these events?

Or - maybe I am just having a bad day of cynicism? Any thoughts....I mean none of know how Jim would feel about this, but from what I do know of him, he would have either shown up really drunk and made some sort of spectacle or chosen not to go. I guess I come to this conclusion because he decided to move to Paris and just hide for the last years of his life. I've always thought Jim was a poet at heart and rock stardom had something to do with his ultimate demise.

Anyone else have an opinion?


Arlen Crawford said...

I'm not sure if Jim would have showed, but I sure would if I were out there.

Jeff said...

I think I would have to say Jim would have either 1. Showed up really drunk or 2. Not show up because he was really drunk. Really sad that I have to say those things but it was just how he was in the end.

I believe it was Jim who said something along the lines that he wanted to be looked at as a poet and not a rock star.

Ben said...

I think he was a Poet, and a King of self destruction. It is tragic that THE most talented musicians have such a feeble grip on reality, but then I guess that's what makes them so brilliant.

The brightest stars shine for the shortest time and he was one of them.

BTW layla, I'll start posting on my blog again in the next day or so. I'm trialing this Mog thing and it's OK but there's certain things about blogger I miss (even with all its technical problems)

Bruce said...

I don't think he would show. Toward the end, he was such a recluse, and I doubt if he would be any different were he still alive.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I read some of Jim's poetry at a feature open mike I did in between my own work. He really did have some introspective stuff, but the thing was that once he overcame his shyness and the quiet need for acceptance, The Lizard King persona developed and he completely sold himself on it. The results were what they were.

The thing with The Doors I find interesting is that they would've been nothing without him and he would've been another identity-less soul gallavanting the street scene without them. They both needed one another.

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