November 3, 2006


Okay, before you get too excited (like I did at first) I now realize that this email has probably be sent to thousands of people. I'd like to think it was
sent to me because this guy somehow KNOWS how I feel about Bruce - but how could he? Anyhow, pass the word to any Springsteen fans you know, it seems to be open to anyone:

The email:

Hey Layla,
We read recently that you are a fan of Bruce Springsteen.
We are editing a new book on Bruce and was wondering
if you would care to contribute a word or two
on what you think of him as a person and or performer.
Filled with amazing stories we are looking
for written contributions documenting your experience
with Bruce Springsteen and his music.
We invite you to visit:


XXXXXX (just in case this is only to me I xxxx'd out his name - lol)


Arlen Crawford said...

I think that you should definitely contribute...

Layla said...

Arlen, I will! The question is WHAT! I want it to be good, ya know? I have so much I could say but what can I say that hasn't been said? I'll just have to keep thinking till it hits me.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

hey layla

for me it is always about belonging - his shows are about the inter-connectedness of one another - community

I look forward to seeing what you write


Layla said...

Yes! I know exactly what you mean and that will be included in what I write. What's really fun is to sit near someone for their first Springsteen concert...I had a girl ask me once "how does everybody here seem to know what to do for certain songs?" It was funny.

Jeff said...

As you probably know I'm not a big Bruce fan. I guess being from Jersey that's kind of a sin but anyway. I respect him and he sure puts on a fantastic show. I actually think I'm going to be working one of his shows in December in Asbury Park NJ. Anyway, I think you should contribute!

Kevin Funkhouser said...

Man, the boss! I got to see him a couple of years ago in San Francisco, and I also experienced an odd, unexpected feeling of community. High-fiving, fist-pumping rock glee. Punk-for-the-working-person!

Anyway, I should forward that to my aunt. She grew up with him. Apparently, the Boss says, "Chalk up before every shot" when playing pool.

Post your submission to that book; it would be great to hear your thoughts.

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