November 6, 2006

The Doors - 40 Years!

This weeks marks the 40th anniversary of The Doors. Hard to believe. I'm going to talk about them for a few days and will start out by asking this:

What are your top five Doors songs?


Bruce said...

1. Riders on the Storm
2. Touch Me
3. Light My Fire
4. LA Woman
5. Love Her Madly

Mike said...

1. Peace Frog
2. People are Strange
3. Riders on the storm
4. Break on Through
5. Roadhouse Blues

Arlen Crawford said...

5) Light My Fire - debuted on the Ed Sullivan and Jonathan Winters shows (I saw them both) and they were outrageously ahead of their time

4) Touch Me - would have been a perfect song, but hey, who put those horns in there?

3) Love Her Madly - exquisite keyboards

2) Riders On The Storm - the texture of this piece has never been equaled

and NUMBER ONE is unequivocally:


"the men dont know, but the little girls understand"

Anonymous said...

Roadhouse Blues, Light my fire, Riders on the storm, Moonlight Drive, Back door man

Layla said...

Mine are:

Touch Me
Backdoor Man
The End
Love Her Madly
Light My Fire

Punisher said...

Light my fire

Riders on the storm

Love her madly

The end

*puts on snakeskin pants to emulate the * lizard king*

Ben said...

I couldn't do it Layla, they change so often.
I could pick my 5 favourite Doors albums in order.

1. L.A. Woman.
2. Self Titled.
3. Morrison Hotel.
4. Strange Days.
5. The Soft Parade

Layla said...

Ben - Love your answer!!!

Hey Ben, I can't leave comments on your new blog :( !!!!

BeckEye said...

I've never been a huge Doors fan. I love "Peace Frog" though. I'd have to think about the other ones on my list. I'm sure "Love Her Madly" and "People are Strange" would be on it.

Jeff said...

1. The End
2. Break On Through
3. LA Woman
4. Crystal Ship
5. When the Musics Over

After The End and Break On Through it's just a guess, it pretty much up in the air after those two.

Sam said...

The entire L.A. Woman album.

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