March 28, 2010

Robert Plant to Tour This Summer!

Robert Plant has a new album out and is going on tour this summer.  I gained a new appreciation for his solo music last summer so am really looking forward to hearing it.

From Rolling Stone:
Led Zeppelin have been turning down festival reunion offers left and right, and now we know why: Robert Plant will hit the road with his resurrected Band of Joy project this summer — and he’s currently recording a new album slated for release in early summer or late fall. The first leg of the 12-date tour kicks off July 13th in Memphis before wrapping up July 31st in Miami; a second leg is scheduled for the fall. As Zep fans probably know, Plant and drummer John Bonham were members of Band of Joy prior to joining Led Zeppelin.
For his new record and tour, Plant has rounded up an ace group of roots musicians and session players: Patty Griffin on vocals, multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott, guitarist and co-producer Buddy Miller, drummer Marco Giovino and bassist Byron House. “It’s been a blast working on these new songs… and I’m enjoying such creativity and vitality,” Plant said in a statement. “It’s been a remarkable change of direction for all of us and as a group we all seem to have developed a new groove.”



BeckEye said...

Oooooh, that's kind of exciting! I saw him on the Manic Nirvana tour and he was fantastic. I was on the lawn in the pouring rain and it didn't phase me one bit.

Playing Rock Guitar Blog said...

I saw him a few years ago in Ireland. He was excellent. He did some Led Zep songs differently. In a rocky fashion with different lyrics, but you knew the song anyway.
He really connected with the crowd too.

Dan said...

I think Robert can do no wrong right now. He is following his talent and doing things the way he wants to. A Led Zep reunion would be nice but I think it is a long shot to ever happen. I'm just sorry I never got to see him and Alison Krause perform together.

Bond said...

This should be a fun tour

Hope you listen to the archives after the show tonight. You will be missed

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