March 21, 2010

Great Guitar Solos

One of my all time favorite's is Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption".
Quote about this solo from Rolling Stone magazine:

Eddie Van Halen's 102-second mission statement was a piece he invented onstage: a solo showcase for his mastery of tone and technique, notably the rush of notes he produced with his fretboard tapping. An army of teens would try to duplicate it, emerging years later in every metal band of the Eighties.

This video is ten minutes long...but worth it.  Damn, I'm surprised his guitar didn't catch on fire.  And I have to say - one of the things that sets Eddie apart to me is his smile.  Not many guitarists appear to be having as much fun as Eddie when he's in front of an audience.  

What are some of your faves?


Sean Coleman said...

Definitely a hugely influential player. The case has been made for people like Steve Hackett doing it first (the two hand tapping technique) but Eddie turned it into a religion :) I dig the first six VH records a lot.

Favorite solos?

Anything that Lenny Breau did.
"Manic Depression"
Nils Lofgren's solo on Neil Young's "Speakin' Out"
Achilles Last Stand"
"Spanish Fly Instrumental"- Eddie raises a defiant middle finger to critics who said that he couldn't do his thing without effects.
Roy Buchanan's solos were all beautiful, too.

drewzepmeister said...

So many to choose from! So I'm going to dig deep into my vaults...

Stevie Ray Vaughan's solo on Voodoo Child on the "Live at the El Mocombo" DVD

Jimmy Page's last guitar solo on "Dazed and Confused" in the "The Song Remains the Same" album

Jimi Hendrix's solo on "Machine Gun" on the "Band of Gypsys" album

Warren Haynes/Dickey Betts solo on "Jessica" on my Holmdel, NJ 8/16/1994 bootleg

I could go on...

Max Moscardi said...

Eddie is a living legend..
On of his best solos is on "Beat It", when he played with MJ.

My list.

Best Arrangement in solo "Hotel California" - Eagles - Felder/Frey/Walsh

Slide Guitar "Moonlight Drive" - the Doors - Robby Krieger

Orchestration/Melody "Killer Queen" - Queen - Brian May

Rocker "Sweet Child O'Mine" - GNR - Slash

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Anonymous said...

Perplexio said...

Favorite Solos:

Steve Hackett's solo on Genesis Firth of Fifth

Terry Kath's solo on Chicago's Oh Thank You Great Spirit (Terry's tribute to Jimi Hendrix)

Steve Lukather's solo on Toto's Gypsy Train.

John Petrucci's solo on Liquid Tension Experiment's Another Dimension and Dream Theater's Home

Cleveland Jeff said...

Terry Haggerty's solo on the Sons Of Champlin's Follow Your Heart from the album with the same name.
A great jazz-rock guitar solo.

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