March 31, 2010

Pink Floyd, May 7, 1977 - Anaheim Stadium

I had this wild hair earlier and just had to find a video of a concert that I attended.  I first searched for David Bowie in '75 at LA Forum, no luck.  Then I tried a few shows I'd seen at the LA Sports Arena, no luck.  Finally I found one:  and the video is not embeddable!  But here is the link.

The quality is poor but you get the feel for it.  I guess back then somebody had to sneak in a real camera.

As for me, I snuck in a bota bag full of cheap red wine and a few tabs of pink pegasus.  It was historical.

What is one of the most memorable concerts you've been to?

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Kaylee Bunni said...

I know you like 80's rock here is a band that is local in our town but very 80's rock. I think you would like them.

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