March 10, 2010

Black Bone Child

These guys are one of my new favorites, If you like rock blues you need to check them out.   I have to thank Racer and Pope from The Ripple Effect for introducing me to their music.  Here's a bit of their review of Black Bone Child:

"In a nutshell, this is straight-on rust and whiskey, hard-core blues, kick-the-hay-outta-the-barn, bring-on-the-electric guitars-and-let's-have-a-party, rock and roll. It only takes a few seconds of the opening track "Time Pass Me By," to realize that we're tuned into something special. Kicking off with guitars and bass, the riff here positively percolates, rumbling out of the speakers in down-home, ass-kicking form."
"The men of Black Bone Child aren't reinventing rock and roll with this release. Rather, they're mining back deep into rock's roots and investing it with a freshly charged dose of modern energy. What the boys are creating is good-time rock and roll, deep and nuanced, dirty and nasty, funky and sultry. This is for when you want your backyard bar-B-Q to move beyond the gentile stage and get interesting. Dig in. Enjoy"



Dan said...

That is what I'm talkin about! Nice and sultry!

JohnnyG's Blues said...

Raw and rockin! These are the kind of groups I love to hear about. Thanks for bringing them out.

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