January 7, 2010

One of my favorite bloggers is Dr. Deb.  She's a psychologist that specializes in trauma and depression.  I learn a lot from her blog but she's not all serious business over there, she's often very fun. 

Something else about Deb:  she rocks.  She has great taste in music.

Today there's a post on her blog that I stole this idea from.  You changed ONE letter of a movie title to create a different spin on it.  Of course I am using songs.  Its' suppose to be good for our minds, but its also fun!

I know you people will come up with tons more to add to this short  list I started:

Same Old Bong and Dance
Comfortably Dumb
You Ain't Been Nothing Yet
The Long and Winding Toad
Don't Fear the Beaper
Must Like a Woman
Grave Strangers
California Tan
Strange Crew
High N Fry
Hell Bottom Blues
Love Her Badly
Crocodile Sock
Honey Bush
Bugar Magnolia
Panic Depression
Your Lime is Gonna Come (kinda goes with The Lemon Song)
A Beautiful Gay



Midnitefyrfly said...

hmmm my brain has been fried lately, so I am game to try anything that might help it:

Poetry in Lotion
I Wanna Know What Dove Is
You Light Up My Wife
Rashes to Ashes
Fad Medicine
Don't Cream It's Over
Endless Summer Fights
Stand By Your Van
Hand Down Under
Burn Me On

Barbara aka Layla said...

Midnite!!!! These are GREAT I laughed so hard at some!!

Bond said...

OK, I grabbed my iTouch and flipped through the first 10 songs that came up on shuffle...

and awayyyy we goooo

In the midnight sour
then you're smiling
Gus Stop
You make me feel like lancing
shake for we
hot guilty
bad main
amazing trace
dead pan

Jwonderboy said...

Had to play with this...
Fake It to the Limit
I'm a Reliever
Tweet Emotion
Move Me Two Times
Eight Days a Geek
I Feel Mine
Iron Pan
Had to Try Today
Dancing in the Park
A Taste of Money
Move the One You're With
Strange Crew

Barbara aka Layla said...

Jim - GOOD ONES!!!

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