January 15, 2010

"New" Jimi Hendrix

I'm a bit behind in blogging here so you've probably all heard this already, but in case not:

"Valleys of Neptune," a 40-year-old Hendrix song that was recorded during the legend’s final studio sessions, will appear on an upcoming compilation sharing the same name that hits shelves March 9th, reports Rolling Stone.
The song was never commercially released, but it did appear on the 1990 four-disc set "Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story." It will be released as a single on Feb. 2nd.
from NY Daily News



Sean Coleman said...

Hendrix was going in a very interesting direction at that point. Had he lived, he most likely would have delved into big band jazz and collaborated with some seriously heavy musicians.

deanothemalt said...

Henrdix is a legend. I didn't know he died at the age of 29, so young. I found out at rokpool.com.

Bond said...

Sean hit the nail IMHO...I think Jimi would have been a very very different artist if he had lived.

Would have been real interresting to see what would have been.

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