January 27, 2010

The Doors: Morrison Hotel

Well, Dan here again trying this blogging thing. I hope you have checked out the video above as it is probably one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums, Morrison Hotel (1970). As you may know, there was an earlier album of the same name, Waiting For The Sun (1968) as this song.

Morrison Hotel was a return to their original blues roots as they went back to the basics after the critical disaster of the Soft Parade (1969). It was well received by critics and fans alike. The album cover was photographed at the actual Morrison Hotel in Los Angeles. They were denied permission by the owners to stage the photo shoot so they went back later and just took the photos with no one knowing. Not sure how they were allowed to publish it, but there it is.

The album kicks off with "Roadhouse Blues" with G. Puglese (aka John Sebastion of the Lovin Spoonful) on Harmonica. A good rockin tune that gets your feet tapping and just makes you want to get up in the morning and drink a beer.

Next up is my favorite "Waiting For the Sun" which was actually started back in 1968 during the recording of the Waiting For the Sun album. It must not have made the cut back then. The next cut is "You Make Me Real" which starts off with that old time piano sound, then Robbies guitar kicks in and Jim growls thru the rest of this great song.

Next up is "Peace Frog/Blue Sunday". A great pair to listen to together and brings up Jim's childhood memories of death on the highway. I love John's drums here and thruout this album as they were always what they needed. The second half is a very soft Jim song. Very heartfelt and was most likely being sung to his girl, Pamela. Side one closes out with "Ship of Fools". A real seaworthy song that I could imagine being sung on the deck of the old tall ship.

Side two opens with "Land Ho!" and Robbies guitar settin the pace, a continuation of the shipping theme. Next comes "The Spy" with Rays piano leading the way while Jim sang of his voyeuristic ESP talents. "Queen of the Highway" is a road trip love story. Next up is "Indian Summer" which the backing track was actually started way back in 1966 during the recording of their debut album The Doors. Jim's obssession with Indians and the Shaman Healer was an inspiration to many of his songs. Rounding out the album is "Maggie M'Gill". A bluesy rocker that just solidifies the overall quality of this album.

When and if you ever get the chance to spin it, stick it in the player, download it or whatever you have to do, listen to it from start to finish, preferably loud.



musicobsessive said...

Hi, I'm a big Doors fan myself. Having discovered them in the early 1970s I bought all 6 studio albums in the course of a year, and all on a student grant - such was my addiction! Morrison Hotel is also my favourite. Brings back some good memories watching the posted video.

Barbara aka Layla said...

LOVE the Doors. Could watch and listen to Jim Morrison 24/7 :)

Sean Coleman said...

Excellent post and a truly great LP. It's a shame that Morrison's legal hassles screwed the band out of so many gigs during that period.

bearockr said...

Hey Layla, Its been quite long since I had written my last post, because I had a whole bunch of exams on my head this whole month , but thank god, I got time to be back on blogging! Great post, Loved the video too , I'm a big Doors fan, and can listen to Roadhouse blues again n again all the time ! Truly amazing :D

Perplexio said...

I got into the Doors as a 14 year old in the early 90s right before the movie came out.

It's funny that you mentioned this album. After reading this review yesterday I was putting in OT at work and I wanted b/g music, couldn't make up my mind what to listen to... in the end I picked Morrison Hotel!

My favorite Doors song is probably Touch Me. I really dig the horns on it. Five To One and Break On Through are up there too though.

Bond said...

A fantastic album indeed

nicely reviewed

Dan said...

Thanks for the praise all.

Musicobsessive: I used to have all of the albums but have lost most of them. I have a few CD's now but mostly I have them downloaded on my computer. I still love to listen to the album all the way thru tho as it was originally released. I think that is the way all classic rock should be listened to. With a few exceptions I dont like compilations.

Barbara: Again thanks for the opportunity. This is really, really cool. I've been told I sort of sound like Morrison in the shower :-0

Sean: Yea he was pretty much drunk from 1966 until he died. Its a wonder they were able to achieve that kind of fame. I think it is a testament to Ray, Robbie and John for putting up with it although they really had no choice.

Perplexio: I cant tell you how many times I have been reading someones blog and really appreciated the bloggers idea of music I had to listen to right now. Also I really like Peace Frog, Spanish Caravan, Riders on the Storm, The Crystal Ship and LA Woman. For shear listening pleasure tho Morrison Hotel does it for me.

Bond: Thanks for the compliment. I had not been to your site lately. I will check out your Tunage Tutelage soon.

Perplexio said...

Dan: I actually just posted a Doors review myself... Other Voices. It kind of grew from my listening to Morrison Hotel last night after reading your review. :-)

Barbara aka Layla said...

Ok Dan, if you sound like Jim in the shower I'd like to hear a recording of that. Just audio, no video! :)

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