January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Syd Barrett...Gone But Not Forgotten



Barbara aka Layla said...

There is still controversy surrounding Syd's mental illness...was it schizophrenia or was it drug induced psychotic behavior? I personally believe it was schizophrenia from all that I've read (and his bandmates, friends and family are the main reason I believe it...because that's what they think).

Mental illness is still one of those things that is hard for our society to talk about and understand. Its scary, its weird, its something none of us every want to experience.

It hits close to home for some of us. I am learning a lot more about it through N.A.M.I. and will be taking a ten week course on it in March

Why am I sharing this in the comments on my own blog? I don't know. Sometimes I feel a bit out of sorts myself.

Jeff said...

It's certainly sad what happened to Syd. He was obviously a unique talent that is probably underappreciated in terms of Pink Floyd's legacy. Piper at the Gates of Dawn was one of the most important albums in pschedelic rock, and that album was all Syd. Also without him, the world may have never heard Wish You Were Here.

classicrockforthesoul said...

I cry everytime I see a picture of Syd.

Such a sad guy who seemed to be stuck in a rut, not really wanting to get out of it. :(

Barbara aka Layla said...

Jeff, I agree 100%. So nice to get a comment from you. I miss the days when I wrote on here regularly :)

Classic, its very sad isn't it? What I'm learning about mental illness is very interesting. I think the "not wanting to get out of the rut" is part of the illness itself. Another sad aspect of it is, what if he were diagnosed and medicated for it? WOULD HE HAVE LOST HIS CREATIVITY? that's my biggest fear with medications, they can steal part of a person's personality.

Bond said...

I have always thought he had some mental illness, but the psychedelics did not help and might have pushed him over the edge. Without them, he might have been able to handle his illness.

Just my 2 cents

he was a freakin genius

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