January 24, 2010

Breathing New Life Into an Old Blog

I am very excited to announce that Layla's Classic Rock is adding some other Bloggers to write here!

So, be looking forward to posts from these awesome rockers:

Sean Coleman of Pod
Alexa of Classic Rock for the Soul
Dan (who doesn't have a blog so this is all new for him!)

There are a few others that may be popping up soon.  So be sure to check here and see who's talking about what!



classicrockforthesoul said...

Honored to be a part of it!


Bond said...

Should be cool

Dan said...

I cant wait and just so you know I am the coolest of knowledgeable rockers. See I can even spell, I think.

Dan said...

Beside the Guru that is :-)

Malcolm said...

I look forward to reading what they have to say.

Sean Coleman said...

I'm very flattered to be asked and excited to contribute.

bearockr said...

Hey barb, Its a good thing that you're doing to keep this so much precious blog alive ! I myself, who started blogging seeing your blogs and learning various things from it, cant even imagine that this blog would go down, though you make your posts look so much simpler and interesting,even in your so much complex life and the troubles you're facing therewith. My best wishes to you and your blog ! Layla's Classic Rock must remain alive, and so it will ! :)

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