July 7, 2009

Photos from My Day in LA - Historic Rock Music Sites:

Hollywood Sign
The former Hyatt Hotel (aka Riot Hotel)
Jimi's Star
The Wiltern Theater
The Capitol Records Building\
The Roxy
The Rainbow
The Whiskey
all photos by Drew G.


Bond said...

Very cool...my one time in LA, I did not have the opportunity to sightsee

LazyKing said...

You are a star and you should have one next to Jimi's star.
I heard that LA is really cool

Yashar said...

that's nice. good for you. say my hello to L.A.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Bond, there's a lot of history there. I get up there RARELY so its fun for me.

King - your comment made me smile so big. You're sweet. You would love it, come visit sometime.

Yashar, I will next time I visit there.

Anonymous said...

Cool, never been to LA. It is quite far away from Poland. The pictures are nice :)

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