July 11, 2009

Ray Sums Up KMET:

I had a comment on my last post that so perfectly sums up why KMET was special to many of us:

"KMET is heaven."

And it was heaven again for well over 12 hours yesterday on The Sound LA (100.3). Brought back a flood of memories from my SF Valley youth in the late 70s and early 80s. I've seen some people write, "oh, how can you people care so much about an old station of hippy music?!" But, it was so, so much more than just the music. KMET, from the DJs to the music to the listeners, was a state of mind. An intellectual gestalt of the times. The "Finally A KMET Friday" event on The Sound managed to capture that magic in a bottle again. It was special.

Thank you, Ray for stopping by here and adding your comment. Loved it!

1 comment:

Bond said...

This would be for me, if WNEW in New York City did this...Scott Muny...Alison Steele...the beginnings of FM Rock - free-format radio!

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