June 30, 2009

Davy Knowles

Back in May I wrote that I had my fingers crossed about the possibility of seeing Davy Knowles this summer and guess what - I did!  Now to try to find the words to describe one of the best shows I've ever seen.  I think if my favorite guitarist of all time heard him play, Stevie Ray would agree with me that
Davy Knowles is a legend in the making

If you check out my sidebar you'll see that I first heard his prodigious talent back in August '08 and was immediately aware that I was listening to a superb musician.  Tonight I experienced it firsthand and it blew me away.  Listening to a CD is one thing but seeing it, hearing it and feeling it live in person brings it to a different dimension.  You must make it a priority to check him out for yourself.

Tonight Davy's talent and passion radiated from him along with his evident joy in performing for an appreciative audience.  You could tell he was genjuinely pleased, maybe even a bit taken aback,  by our powerful reaction.  After the show he took the time to sign autograph's and meet people and he had quite a line of fans.

Joe (Rock and Roll Guru) had interviewed Davy earlier in the day and confirmed that he is the authentically nice person he seems to be.  I serioulsy doubt that fame will rob him of that as it does to some musicians.

Joe and Drew
To top off a great night, Joe introduced Drew and I to Davy so I got to shake his hand and say hello.  I admit, it was a thrill.  The kid is adorable and sweet in addition to being a kick ass guitarist.  I also had the pleasure of meeting his manager and hopefully will stay connected with him to keep all of you up to date on when and where to catch Davy and Back Door Slam. 

Get this - he is going on tour with and opening for CHICKENFOOT this Fall.  I know there are some serious Chickenfoot fans that read here.  Let me know what you think of Davy and BDS, I'll be shocked if you don't walk away impressed.

I will never forget this show.  I will never forget the woman who sat next to me who enjoyed the show as much as I did (hello!  I didn't get your name! the pics I took didn't turn out too great).  Lastly,  I will never forget how meeting Davy was a reminder of meeting SVR - both guitar greats.

On a personal note...I fly home to California tomorrow, but next year, I am headed back to Milwaukee for Summerfest.  If you've never been you're missing out!

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Seano said...

I saw Davy and Back Door Slam in Philly two weeks ago and was thoroughly blown away. He's barely 22 years old...unbelievable! Glad you had a great time in Wisconsin....seano

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