June 4, 2009

CSN - Demos

GREAT CD!  I was lucky enough to receive this to review.  Crosby, Stills and Nash have been together for years (never officially broke up as a group).  If you are a fan you will enjoy hearing these demo tracks.  I'm listening to it now and it feels like the summer of 69 hanging out with my older cousins while they listened to their first album.
  • Marrakesh Express [1969 Demo]
  • Almost Cut My Hair [1969 Demo]
  • You Don't Have To Cry [1968 Demo]
  • Déjà Vu [1969 Demo]
  • Sleep Song [1969 Demo]
  • My Love Is A Gentle Thing [1968 Demo]
  • Be Yourself [1971 Demo]
  • Music Is Love [1970 Demo]
  • Singing Call [1970 Demo]
  • Long Time Gone [1968 Demo]
  • Chicago [1970 Demo]
  • Love The One You're With [1970 Demo]


Sean Coleman said...

That looks great. Stephen Stills' "Just Roll Tape" is another gem.

Bond said...

Love them together...got to see them twice live.

Mike said...

I read somewhere that they are going to be releasing a stills/hendrix CD soon of a jam session from 69. Still had it laying around in his archives and didnt know about it.

I know I will be all over that when it arrives.

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