June 23, 2009

George Harrison "Let it Roll"

I received this for review last week and have listened to it over and over since then. In my opinion George's music (from his solo career) was often overlooked because of the huge shadow his former bandmates cast over all he did. Kind of hard to be compete with "Lennon and McCartney". Personally I think George had more talent than Paul any day of the week...but that's my opinion. And although I love John is known for the visionary of world peace, George actually did something to bring awareness to a horrific situation. I admire that. (I love John too...this is not a put down to him at all!)

This CD is excellent. Here is the official description:

George Harrison’s first-ever career-spanning solo hits collection, Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison. Special packaging includes a 28-page booklet featuring previously unseen and rare photos, and newly-written liner notes by Warren Zanes. The collection’s 19 tracks have been digitally remastered by Giles Martin at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios. “Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison is a gathering of material that takes us far into the territory that was ultimately a place unique to George Harrison,” writes Warren Zanes in his liner notes essay for the new collection.
Track List:

* Got My Mind Set On You (from Cloud Nine, 1987)
* Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (from Living In The Material World, 1972)
* The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) (from All Things Must Pass, 1970)
* My Sweet Lord (from All Things Must Pass, 1970)
* While My Guitar Gently Weeps (from Concert For Bangladesh Soundtrack, 1971)
* All Things Must Pass (from All Things Must Pass, 1970)
* Any Road (from Brainwashed, 2002)
* This Is Love (from Cloud Nine, 1987)
* All Those Years Ago (from Somewhere In England, 1981)
* Marwa Blues (from Brainwashed, 2002)
* What Is Life (from All Things Must Pass, 1970)
* Rising Sun (from Brainwashed, 2002)
* When We Was Fab (from Cloud Nine, 1987)
* Something (from Concert For Bangladesh Soundtrack, 1971)
* Blow Away (from George Harrison, 1979)
* Cheer Down (from Lethal Weapon 2)
* Here Comes The Sun (from Concert For Bangladesh Soundtrack, 1971)
* I Don't Want To Do It (from Porkys Revenge soundtrack, 1984)
* Isn't It A Pity (from All Things Must Pass, 1970)


musicobsessive said...

Yes, I saw that this had been released and was wondering whether to buy it or not - perhaps I will.

Btw, the good news - I can now get into this blog again. The bad news, 'Writing from the Inside Out' still locks me out:(

Sean Coleman said...

I saw this one on a list of upcoming releases. Have been listening to "Dark Horse" and "Thirty Three and a Third" quite a bit lately. No material from either of those discs appears on "Let it Roll". Strange.

Just for fun, here's the list of songs that I would have put on this release:

Crackerbox Palace

Dark Horse

Let it Down

Handle With Care

This Song


Beware of Darkness

Maya Love

All Things Must Pass

Any Road

This Is Love

All Those Years Ago

What Is Life

When We Was Fab

Something (live)

Blow Away

Cheer Down

Here Comes The Sun (live)

Give Me Love

They should really give the "Live In Japan" concerts an official release on DVD, too.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Martin, crumbs! I am sorry for the troubles with the blogs!

Sean, I almost did the same thing - added a list of songs that were NOT there that should have been. It easily could be a two disc set!

Malcolm said...

This might be worth picking up, because many of these songs I don't have. I am surprised that "Crackerbox Palace" isn't included. Another song I would add is "Devil's Radio" from the album "Cloud Nine".

Tess said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog and I love what you're doing here.

I hadn't heard about the release of this album and I may look into getting it. I agree with you that George's stature would probably be a lot greater if he hadn't been one of the Beatles. He was a very fine performer and songwriter. There's something about his songs that touches me on an emotional level more than Lennon/McCartney. Perhaps his material sounds more vulnerable.

Lennon is great, of course. But McCartney? I lost a lot of respect for him when he wrote Mull of Kintyre. What a load of tosh! I think he needed Lennon to give his music an edge.

Jeff said...

I agree he's so incredibly overlooked. For me the quality of his solo career is second behind Lennon. I personally believe his material was better than Paul's.

Charlie said...

At the end of The Beatles George's stuff was just as good as John & Paul's. He really did write some classics and I miss his music.

Guitarman5150 said...

I love some of George's solo work. My favorite is All Things Must Pass. I think in it self is a classic....

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