February 12, 2009

U2 on Letterman - FIVE NIGHTS IN A ROW!?

Hmmm, that's a tad odd, don't you think? But am I complaining? Heck no. But it will be hard to stay up that late to watch it.

Here's something more about it that I snagged from the U2 Exit Blog:

U2’s newly announced Late Night With David Letterman residency — they’re playing the show every weeknight from March 2 through March 6 — is “unprecedented,” according to the press release I just got. It also seems a tiny bit, well, desperate. Does a band of U2’s stature really need to work that hard to drum up interest in their new album? (No Line on the Horizon comes out March 3, a fact you will no doubt be hearing frequently if you watch Letterman that week.)

Hey, maybe they do. Nobody can count on guaranteed album sales these days, obviously, and I can’t really begrudge Bono & Co. for doing everything they can to remind their fans of their latest project. I bet I’ll end up tuning in for at least a couple of nights that week just to see how U2 is sounding, anyway. How about you? Is five nights in a row overkill, or are you thrilled to be getting so much U2 in a single week? What songs do you hope they’ll perform, once they get current single “Get On Your Boots” out of the way?

- Simon Vozick-Levinson, EW.com

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Anonymous said...

Meh, I probably won't watch it. I need my sleep much more than I need my Bono fix. Besides, I saw them on O'Brian...who I can stomach a lot easier than I can Letterman.

Jeff said...

This is a lot like when the White Stripes were on Conan O'Brien for a week or so. I don't recall if they were promoting an album, but for one of their performances they did a cover of "Jolene" by Dolly Pardon, and it turned out to be on of the greatest covers I've ever heard.

I probably won't stay up to watch them on TV but I'll def be searching for the videos on YouTube the next day.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Silver, I do need a Bono fix now and then but not that late at night.

Jeff, good idea, except it seems that the tv stations are quick to pull things off youtube these days.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

I don't like this. Of course, I also think the older U2 stuff is much better than the recent stuff - for the simple fact that they have, in many ways, given in to commercialism.

This reeks of commercialism.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Southern, I like their oldest stuff BEST, but do like the newer stuff. I just don't understand WHY they are doing this....it does bother me a bit but I'm not sure whyy.

RAHM said...

I would be happy if U2 could play in my city on tv for five nights..
maybe they don't want to go on a truck like they did with HTDAAB

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