January 7, 2008

The Week in Rock Birthdays!

January 7

Kenny Loggins - Loggins & Messina - 1948

January 8

David Bowie - 1947
Robby Krieger - Doors - 1946
Terry Sylvester - Hollies - 1947

January 9

Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin - 1944
David Johansen - New York Dolls - 1953

January 10

Pat Benatar - 1953
Donald Fagen - Steely Dan - 1948
Rod Stewart - 1945
Michael Schenker - UFO - 1955
Martin Turner - Wishbone Ash - 1945
Aynsley Dunbar - Journey, Whitesnake - 1946
Neal Smith - Alice Cooper Band - 1946

January 11

Clarence Clemons - E Street Band - 1942
Tony Kaye - Yes - 19431


bob_vinyl said...

You forgot Elvis Presley on January 8th. You should also remove Kenny Loggins, because the title of the post says rock birthdays, not crappy, lightweight, soulless, heartless, bad pop birthdays.

Barbara said...

Bob! I LIKE Kenny :)

RAHM said...

I don´t know if anyone remembers Kenny Loggins in a Grammy show singing "I'm alright" and his voice wasn't heard and the technicians had to change the mic..
well, if the bands reunite by their birthdays, imagine the music Bowie, Page, Clemons and Kaye could do..

Jeff said...

Oh January 8th has two real winners.

Malcolm said...

Thanks for the reminder about some of these. I am guessing that you left off Elvis because he isn't in any shape to actually celebrate his birthday.

I like some of Kenny's stuff too. One of my favorites is the duet he did with Steve Perry, "Don't Fight It".

David Amulet said...

Kenny Loggins is 60? Ouch.

-- david

Stealth said...

Dear God, look at Jimmy Page!

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