January 18, 2008

Dickie Betts & Kid Rock?

The Rock and Roll Revival Tour (30 US shows January 25 - March 22) Starring: Kid Rock

Kid is touring with two really great CLASSIC ROCKERS and a Rapper turned Reverend!

Dickey Betts (kick-ass guitar player for Allman Brothers),
Peter Wolf (vocals for J. Geils Band)
Reverend Run (Run D.M.C.).

I read this over on Dave White's site, under "Bits and Pieces" (always some interesting news over there).

I have nothing personal against Kid Rock, but, does he even have talent? I know Dickey and Peter have loads of it. Just seems like a weird combination. And Reverend Run? I guess he'll do any rap lyrics that pop up.

Very interesting. Looking forward to checking out the reviews/youtube videos of one of these shows!


Bruce said...

Believe it or not, Kid Rock puts on one hell of a live show. He and his posse kick some serious ass. And the good Reverend Run still has his chops. Should be an interesting show, to say the least.

chriscmanson said...

Kid Rock I can take or leave, but I'd go just to see Peter Wolf. Does he have a new rekkid coming out?

donnav said...

This will be awesome!!
I've been amazed at the talent Kid Rock has...and he has an amazing appreciation for music...yeah, I'm a fan!! ha

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