September 20, 2006

Love Stinks!

You don't hear too much about The J Geils Band. I've seen them a few time (once when they opened for the Tolling Stones).

I would categorize their music as fun, party music. Not a ton of depth to it, but these boys know how to have a good time. They love performing live and engaging the audience in every song.

Most of their stuff is VERY fun to dance to. Here is what they had to say about themselves:

The J. Geils Band got it crazy every night. They got down to it. Did they ever.

History tells us that the year 1967 was all incense and peppermints, paisley and Pepper, and other things groovy. But those lazy, hazy daze also produced one of the world's all time great, hard driving white rhythm and blues show bands.

For the next 15 years-14 albums and what must've been a million gigs - The J. Geils Band, in the words of former lead vocalist Peter Wolf, "felt obligated to give 100 percent of ourselves to our audience. We were a bunch of guys who had the passion and wanted to share it."

"There was a love affair between this band and its audience. We wanted people to know that we were gonna give it all that night", adds Seth Justman, the band's keyboardist, arranger, and later producer, who, with Wolf, co-wrote most of the J. Geils Band original songs. "Whatever we had in the tank, that tank was gonna be empty at the end of the show."

Although they will forever be favorite sons of the city of Boston, most of the J. Geils Band's six members were born and raised in other East Coast cities. By the mid-60's they had each found themselves in Boston with the intent of going to school, but enrolled instead in what Wolf liked to call the College of Musical Knowledge, earning their master's degrees in rock n' soul.


Ben said...

I didn't realise they's done that many albums. I've only got one of theirs, the one with "freeze Frame" and "Centerfold" on.

Thanks for the info

Mike said...

I never got to see them, but any band that comes up with a song called "Love Stinks" has got to be cool!!

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