September 3, 2006

The Doors 40th Anniversary

It's been almost 40 years since the Doors released their first album in January 1967 and this November a six-CD/DVD boxed is comming out which will include video performances and a 5.1 Surround Sound mix of each album. The remastered albums are The Doors, Strange Days, Waiting For the Sun, The Soft Parade, Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman. (the above taken from About Classic Rock)


1. Are you a Doors fan?

2. Do you plan to purchase this set?

3. Do you like it when bands do this, put all their best stuff out in compilation or do you think it's just a way to make money?

4. Would you be surprised to know I am old enough to remember (vaguely) watching the Doors perform on The Ed Sullivan Show when Jim pulled one of his infamous stunts? (hint: the answer to this questions is, "yes, Layla, I am shocked that you are that old, you look so young for your age")

You probably know the story: Sullivan made them promise to change the lyrics from "we couldn't get much higher" to something else because he didn't want the word "higher" (my things have changed since then!) on his show.

Okay - You HAVE to watch this video (its only 25 seconds long). I chose to use a cut from the movie, The Doors, rather than the actual footage from The Sullivan show because it - well it cracks me up and shows what was probably going on in the camera room! Check out the look on the girl's face when one of the crew screams "get the camera off him you can see his thing!!!" I wish it was a clearer video.
This is a Classic moment in Rock history (and doesn't Val Kilmer make a damn good Morrison?!)

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Jeff said...

1. Yes, huge Doors fan.

2. Probably, I'm sure it'll be on my Xmas list, especially considering that I want a nice 5.1 system for my room. So what a great item to go along with it.

3. Good question, sometimes I don't like when bands do it but I guess it depends on what the new release has to offer. With this box set at least there will be some nice 5.1 surround sound mixes so I don't think it is wrong to release. I guess I will wait to see how the reviews are regarding the sound before I actually purchase it, well that and the price.

4. I am shocked to say the least. I thought you were twenty by the pictures I've seen.

P.S. Jim's refusal to switch the lyrics just may be one of the most noble things in rock history.

Layla said...

Good answers to all!!! Especially the one about Jim!

Ben Heller said...

1. Yes, a huge fan.

2. No, I've got all of their albums already and I bought a limited edition CD a couple of years with live unreleased recordings.

3. I think if it introduces new fans then generally it's a good thing.

4. I'm very surprised ! I thought you were only in your 20's

Bruce said...

1. Always was; always will be.
2. Maybe...
3. Depends on the artist
4. Completely shocked; I thought you were just wise beyond your years...
I was a sophomore in HS when the Ed Sullivan thing happened, btw.

Layla said...

Wow Bruce - you're OLD! But wonderful :)

Thanks, Ben. I am in my 20's mentally.

Anonymous said...

1.Yes, only have their first two Albums,but i love what i heard on them and intend to get (most of) the rest of their catalogue.

2.No, just plan to pick up the individual albums.

3. I think that boxsets are good for diehard fans, especially if they offer some juicy extras or high quality sound.Generally i would not buy a box set as i would largely be replacing what i already have. However if the Beatles do a boxset for their Remasters i will be saving up to purchase that!

4. Yes

David Amulet said...

Yes, I am shocked ... SHOCKED! I wouldn't have put you past 29. Oh well, that's why I don't guess ages.

Yes, Val Kilmer did an amazing job as Jim.

No, I will not buy the set. I have all the CDs and I don't think the sound improvements will be enough to warrant a new purchase. Plus, NOBODY needs two copies of The Soft Parade.

-- david

Layla said...

David, good point about Soft Parade.

I have all the CDs too so won't be getting it. Thanks for the age compiment - even though I really begged for it :)

Mike said...

1. Yes I am.
2. No, but if someone wants to buy it for me, I'd gladly accept it!
3. I think it's a way to make money.
4. YES! I thought that at most you were in your early 30's.

I agree.......Val did do a great job as Jim. The move was more dramatic than the actual performance.

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