September 15, 2006

Classic Rock Quiz

I fixed the link to the weird song titles Quiz!

...and just to make myself feel better after getting such a horrible score on that last quiz, I am adding this quiz which I scored 90% on (missed one darn it!)

Try it here. Its pretty easy if you know classic rock.


Ben said...

YAY ! Thanks for fixing the link...
I did it.
"Questions provided by The Days That Rock™ 2007 Calendar


You answered 10 items out of 10 correctly.

Your score is 100%. Excellent job!"

I did good Layla.

Layla said...

Ben - good for you! I am not surprised, you know your stuff!

Jeff said...

I got a 90 as well, the one I missed was the one about "The Band."

David Amulet said...

I nailed this one, the result of way too much classic rock for too many years. Thanks for the fun diversion!

-- david

Bruce said...

I'm a genius! ;-) 10 of 10.

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