August 15, 2005

TP & Jackson B

Just got home from Tom Petty & Jackson Browne...great show, will report tomorrow.

Okay here is the review:

Musically, both bands were great. I didn't recognize most of Jackson's songs until he got to the old favorites, "The Pretender", "Running on Empty", "Doctor My Eyes", "I am a Patriot". I admire him because he's an activist that does not shove his views down your throat with hostility like some actors/singers like to do (Linda Rondstat for example). He sounded great, was humble, sweet and still good looking for an older guy (same exact haircut he's always had!)

Tom was excellent and did all the expected faves. I've seen him several times and my sister and I both agreed that he seemed a bit...cocky. I have never noticed him acting arrogant before so it was unsettling. But he is a "rock star" so I guess he's entitled.

The most interesting thing about the evening was the crowd. I am used to growing old right along with my fellow fans of all these older bands. In fact, I feel pretty young at some concerts! But Tom Petty appeals to the 20's crowd as well as the 40's crowd. In front of me sat a couple in their 50's and next to them four guys between I'd guess 19 - 22. I love the fact that a whole generation of people has discovered that the best music was recorded before they were even born!

The only negative for me was all the smoke from cigarettes, pot and cloves which made me feel SICK. This was an outdoor event, but for some reason the smoke still got to me.

The bottom line: the music was great, we had good seats, the visuals for Petty were very cool but I think that will be my last visit to one of his concerts. I am saving my money to go to LESS concerts but get BETTER seats at the one's I really LOVE (U2, Bruce, Bowie, Heart, Train and a few others)


David said...

I might go to a david Bowie concert that would be a trip!

BeckEye said...

I saw Jackson Browne one time. My bro and I went to see him because John Hiatt was opening up for him. (Should've been the other way around, but that's another matter.) He nearly put us to sleep. As you said, the songs were unrecognizable until he got halfway through.

The haircut....yes. I always think of David Spade's comment that Jackson was going on the "Same Haircut Tour".

Layla said...

Beck, LOL! I never heard that comment but David Spade is right! Someone needs to tell Jackson to spice up the start of his show. :)

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