August 5, 2005

Mick, Please Help!

I love the Stones, have seen them only twice in all these years. I would love to see them again before it's too late (who knows if they will tour again).

BUT....I can't get tickets. First of all they sold out immediately upon going on sale (all three shows). Second, the majority of the tickets were bought by scalpers (I know this because there are an abundance of them for sale at all the ticket outlets). Third, the CHEAPEST seat I can find is $150.00.

I know what you are thinking..."what's the big deal, $150.oo is not that bad, you paid $400 for U2 tickets!"

Well, my U2 tickets are great seats. These $150.00 tickets have a "markedly restricted view" which means blunty: you can't see jack crap from these seats. They are not only in the nosebleed section, but they are behind the stage, beind a pillar or something.

The next price up for a slightly less crappy seat was $240.00 for wheelchair seating. I suppose I could rent a wheelchair for the night, but it would be kind of obvious when I got up and danced that I was faking it.

Next - for a crappy view you can pay $450.00. If you want a view but are alone you can pay $500.00 for a single seat. BUT if you want to go with someone and have a seat you are going to have to pay anywhere from:

$650.00 - $1,800.oo EACH!

This just breaks my heart and ticks me off. Why? Why do they charge so much? Don't these people have enough money? I love you, Mick...but I am so disappointed that you allow these outrageous prices.

Mick, I know you read my blog, dude, so PLEASE, make this right! It's uncalled for and pathetic. Write me and let me know what you plan to do about it.

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Anonymous said...

Still waiting to hear from Mick?

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