August 10, 2005

Ted or Elton?

I was going to post a photo of Elton John today but thanks to a post by my buddy Steve, (see his post titled Jesus Loves Ted Nugent) I shall share a Ted Nugent memory.

I've seen Ted a few times but I only remember one specifically. I can remember sitting on the grass on a blanket with my roommate Nicole, her date Rick and my date, Eric. It was out FIRST date and I could tell he wanted to put his arm arount me but was chicken.

Ok back to Ted....In addition to being a very talented and passion filled musician the guy was athletic! He was like a fine tuned machine, or in his case maybe he would prefer to be compared to a wild animal. At one point he changed from a skin-tight white outfit to a pair of leather chaps with nothing covering the backside! Okay, this is really not about Ted's music but it's making me smile and I really, really needed to smile.

How's this for a thought: Ted and Elton on stage together doing a duet? What song do you think they'd do? Tune in tomorrow for Elton.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They would do Free for All and Honky Cat

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