August 6, 2005

The 80's

Clicking on the link below may cause you to laugh, or it may cause you to get defensive at my suggestion that you may laugh. Be prepared!!!!!

Being a child of the 70's, my musical taste tends to reflect on the many talented, incredible bands that were around between 69-80. (I swear I am not THAT old, I just started listening really young).

But...there were also some great 80's bands. I will dedicate the next several posts to some of my faves.

In the meantime, I had to put together some photos of a whole genre of rock that came out of the 80's. Are you ready for this?...if so, click here:


1 comment:

steve said...

Hair bands rock! I miss my leather pants! Layla I thabnk you so much for the invite to help with this site but I just dont know if I can manage to dual blog. My own takes enough outta me!! I contribute through comments!!

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