July 27, 2005


I needed to do something different so here it is:
The first person to post me with the correct names of the three people in the photos below wins.
Prize: I will send you a home-made classic rock CD taylor made to your taste!!!!
First person to post the right answers wins.
Good luck.


Traci said...


I'm gonna say...Marc Bolan, Joan Jett, and Jon Bon Jovi.

But...I sort of cheated. If you can guess how, I'll send you a cd of some of my indie faves....*smile*.

Actually, I knew Joan Jett and Bon Jovi...without cheating.

Bar Bar A said...

You Win!!!!

Marc Bolan was an awesome guy who died really young. He and David Bowie were good friends. I'm sure it wasn't too hard to "sort of cheat" did I have a link back to him???

Traci said...

Yup...if you run the cursor over the pic, it displays at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Sorry I worked the system *smile*. We should trade cd's anyway...I'd love to know some of Barbara's faves.

steve said...

i arrived too late!! This was too easy and i still lost!

My classic rock question for you:

"Who was the origonal 'one gloved' man? (dont you dare say Michael Jackson)"

Bar Bar A said...

Steve! I have this funny feeling I have met my match in rock trivia. I am going to have to come up with some to stump you, bro. As far as the answer to this..

I don't know! Darn it, I could probably find out but don't want to cheat (no offense to Traci who didn't really cheat - I was just really lame!).


steve said...

does the phrase "rock and roll hoochie koo" mean anything to you?

Bar Bar A said...

YES! That I know...darn it your good. Rick Derringer. I hope that's right I didn't look it up to double check and I will lose all credibilty if I am wrong.

Why was he called that?

steve said...

Rick Derringer is correct. back in the day he was known to wear one glove... I think MJ just wanted to copy him

Layla said...


Do people call you that? Do you hate it?

Anyhow...would you like to be a co-author on this site? I could add you and you would have rights to post. Think about it. I would be thrilled beyond words and I trust whatever you would have to say.

I am going to ask Traci too. I like this site but it needs some pizazz...some creative energy, some new and different bands.

Let me know!!!!!

Traci said...

Layla, you're so nice to think of me....but you are the Queen of classic rock. I study at your feet. With me involved, this site would go the way of indie/emo music...and I'm sure you and your readers don't want that!

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