July 29, 2005

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone is the best music mag out there. I used to subscribe, but now read on-line and only buy the really great editions that I want to keep. For example, I have all the covers of Bruce. What I am going to do with them, I have no clue.

But...I decided to do a bit of reminiscing by sharing some covers with you.

As you know, Peter is/was one of my faves. This picture makes me a bit sad for some reason. This was from 1977. Some of you may have not been born then (yes, Traci that means you! My faithful reader) but I actually graduated from HS that year, I was 17 at the time.

Dang. I don't feel old.

1 comment:

Traci said...

I very well might have been a glimmer in my folks eye, seeing as I was, ahem, born in April of 78.

Ahhhh...but age matters not with good music right?

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