July 12, 2005

Summer = Concerts

I wait all year for this season...the summer concerts are here. If money were no object, I'd be going to about 20, but as reality dictates I will only be seeing five. Loggins and Messina, Heart, Michael McDonald w/?, Tom Petty & Jackson Browne, Chicago & Earth, Wind and Fire, U2.

I'll give you updates and reviews as the summer proceeds. Here is the first for summer of live 2005 !

Last night, July 10, 2005 at The Grove of Anaheim (go Angels!)
Bottom line: The concert was great and I left happy that I my $82.00 was well spent. But, I want to be honest in my review:
I was an L & M fan back when I was really young. Personally I think they are good but I think Kenny Loggins solo is OUTSTANDING. No, he's not down and dirty rock 'n' roll, he's more a family man that rocks with heart and soul. Remind me to share the story of the night he did a concert in Laguna Beach just for the locals...I'll never forget it!
There were a few songs last night that almost put me to sleep. I literally had my eyes closed and rested. They definitley saved the best for last and did three encores which included Angry Eyes, Vahevalla and Danny's Song.
The second half of the show showcased the band - and they BLEW ME AWAY (me and everyone else). I have no clue where L & M found these amazing young men, but each and most of them was multi-talented on several instruments and they blew the roof off. It was, for me, what made the experience worth it.
Here they are:
Steve Distanislao -Drums
Steve Nieves -Sax, Percussion (my personal fave)
Gabe Dixon -Keyboards
Jeff Nathanson -Sax & EWI
Gabe Witcher -Fiddle, Dobro (remember this name...he was the most amazing of them all!)
All in all, it was a great time. I just wish they would put less chairs around each table becasue it was very crowded seating. That's it for now :)

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