July 16, 2005

Phil Collins

Phil Collins - an amazing talent.

"He was born to play the drums. His timing, sense of rhythm and sheer inventiveness have given him a unique style and sound, which is instantly recognisable, yet compatible with the many different styles of music he chooses to play."

Genesis - "Genesis had been gigging up and down the country without much success, and were still recovering from the departure of guitarist Anthony Phillips. They had also decided a change of drummer was required and after an eye opening audition at Peter Gabriel's parents' house, Collins was in.

Genesis soon felt the benefit of their new percussionist, his much needed sense of humour and an unlimited enthusiasm for playing injected a new energy into the group. As Tony Banks said "He was by far the best musician in the band". Then with the arrival of Steve Hackett on guitar the final piece was in place."


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